Open-air stand




1. Application for open-air stand: type of stand, dimensions // profile of the company

2. Catalogue, advertisement: catalogue entry, advertisement in the catalogue, distribution of promotional materials, banners

3. Electricity: power connection, indication of power connection localization

4. Printed materials, masts, security service, portable toilets coupons for top customers, brochures, posters, order for mast, additional security, toilet on the stand


5. Subexhibitors: additional firms, trademarks on your stand small_pdf

6. Additional eqipment: furniture and other additional elements on the stand small_pdf there photos photos

7. Loading, unloading services: crane and loader service + protocol for the operator small_pdf

8. Demonstrations: application, regulations of machines demo small_pdf

9. Tent: application, rent of tents and halls small_pdf there photos photos

Checklist deadlines here.

Forms are editable, but they need to be printed out, signed and stamped, thank you.

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