You can promote your company and products on Opolagra in following ways:
Please note! Following prices do not include preparation of promotional materials.

Distribution of leaflets

Distributing leaflets, newspapers or other materials is payable per person per day:

– 350 PLN net

Advertisment in the Catalogue

– page size: 115x208 mm + 3 mm bleed
– file format: eps, cdr, ai, pdf, jpg, tiff (resolution of 300 dpi)
– deadline: 6-th of May 2019
– pricelist:

  • Color ad inside the the catalogue (1 page) – 1000 PLN
  • Second, third cover page – 2500 PLN
  • Back cover – 4000 PLN

Open-air broadcast advertising:

  • 300 PLN per day

Ad duration up to 15 seconds, the written text up to 100 words.
Frequency of broadcast advertising (ca. 10 emissions / day).


Baner lenght (m) hight (m) price*
1. Tribune at the Animal Show      1,25 1,5 500
2. Fence at the entrance to the exhibition      2 1,5 500
3. Wooden crates along the way leading to the parking      3 1,2 500

* Price per unit (module), which will be covered by the banner. It is possible for example to use two (or more) modules on a fence or two modules on the wooden crates – then the price per module is multiplied by two.

LOGO (of the company, brand) on the Opolagra floorplan

Plans are in paper form and on the boards scattered in the exhibition area – cost 200 PLN net.

Copying and publishing materials and photos posted on the site only with the consent of owners of the site.