Each year 20 000 coupons are distributed among Opolagra’s exhibitors. Those coupons brought to Opolagra take part in a drawing, where the price is a agricultural machine. Soon let you know what will be the first prize in 2016.

Operating a loader by top agrar Polska

Each year Opolagra organizer invites young enthusiasts of agricultural technology to take part in a competition, where they can show how skilled they are in operating tractor with a front loader. Top scores are rewarded by tablets, trips to DLG Trade Fairs, T-shirts and diplomas.

Precise farmer by

Competition “Precise farmer ” takes place at many agricultural fairs in Poland. The player hast to drive on a special arc-like parcour – similar to those used for a driving test. Each player drove a tractor from the brand Zetor and an eight ton trailer from the manufacturer Metal – Fach. The trick was not to cross the line and complete the task in shortest time possible. more

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