Catalogue entry is compulsory and each exhibitor will be charged 100 PLN net. Catalogues will be distributed free of charge to visitors during the exhibition. Therefore, we encourage you to construct a clear entry on the activities of your company!


If you want us to use your entry, which appeared in the catalogue of the Opolagra 2018 please mark this information in the form (catalogue entry), otherwise:
entry should be submitted to the April 26-th, 2019 to the e-mail:

This e-mail should contain:

Text document (eg. word: .doc or .docx)

– Contact details of your company and a brief description of its activities
– No more than 130 words (about 720 characters without spaces)

Logo (.gif, .jpg, or .png), resolution 300 dpi

We recommend you to place your catalogue entry in polish language.